How to play Ace Attorney

Dear Time Warner Cable

Stop trying to shoehorn me into paying more then what’s necessary for better internet speeds





This only happened yesterday and it’s already got over 50K notes… 

Finally humans with humanity

A little information for ya’ll, this man fell in between the carriage and platform and was freed less than ten minutes later. 

When he fell employees of Transperth (Australia) were meters away and were able to signal the driver so he would not just take off and rip the guys leg off.

The staff motioned everyone on the platform to push the carriage in a tear worthy moment of people power

The guy who fell wasn’t hurt and got on the next fucking train so he could go to work.

And if that isn’t the tightest shit you ever heard get the fuck out of my face.

People are amazing

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This is the art I did for Everfree Northwest scavenger hunt winner, Kahncub.

Her request was Trixie, so I did a comic of Trixie at Rock Farm, co-starring Maud Pie.


I don’t like to watch TF2 commentators on Youtube because they’re all the same.

And as for other commentators, they all have that one bit of dirt that’s just waiting to be dug up.

Everyone’s almost the same under the skin. As sad as that is.

STAR and Jerma are the only entertaining ones.

Or for video games in general. Everyone else is boring